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((I just drew this for know reason will listening to creepy story's on YouTube.
but this gives me the chills))

The hollowman....a entity of unkown origin
But is considered a slender-being although this is not true.the hollowman appears as a man in a suit ((similar to slenders)) holding a lantern...the only thing that would tip any one off is the claws,mouth,eyes,and the few tentacles that appear as time goes on.his mouth and eyes leak black flood,his skin his a sickly grey and his claws could cut even the thickest of wood.the hollowman only appears as a man...he has many forms and only people who are insane can see these forms.The more you are exposed to the hollowman more tentacles appear and more you see past his facade...your sanity does drain from being near him but you only insane people can see his other forms and can choose witch form to see him as.....
The hollowman will "recruit" insane people or people clever anough to find away to combat him though they never trully "Win".

Known locations:Lantern forest((fictional forest)), abandoned docks and warfs,innsmouth.
octomorph newborn((child,young))
NOTICE:This creature is being studied in captiviy currently and will be released in the future

Name: octomorph-kraken

the octomorph is a small snake like creature found by a expidition on the planet of vardorin. Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED] found the creature eating a injured hammerhead worm and attempted to capture the creature for reaserch-the creature made no attemts to fight back and instead thrashed its body around and using the for undeveloped appendages and teeth to" slap" and nibble at the docter ((Note:no harm came to any members of expedition)).The docter put the creature in ventilated box and took it for reaserch ((currently we know that all members of the spieces are female and dont breed in a normal manner as this data log was written 2 days after the creatures capture and a population test was taken)).the creature was confirmed to be 8 hours old and is very intelligent even at birth.the creature feeds off of rodents and small animals in its youth till it grows in size.on its back the octomorph has 2 undeveloped appendages and hairs that have a unkown use to us.the creature has undeveloped arms that will develop as it has a forked tail similar to that of seals and it uses this o swim through water.the creature also appears to be carnivores and refuses to eat any plant matter.

((juvinile/young adult stage coming soon))
Name: dracon ((dragon snake))

the dracon is a large snake like creature ((about as big as a medium sized dog))that lives mainly in the desert of vardorin.the creture itself is a ominvore and will eat insects small rodents and mainly preys on the hammerheadworm also native to the deserts of the planet-the cacti and other flora are its main food source when live food is scarce. Dracons are common pets for people to have and most wont kill the creatures as they will eat small insects and rodents.the dracon has armored shin a spikes lining the back these spike are harmless in truth but are used to intimidate large attackers.the dracon eats in a similar fashion to a frog and angler fish- it shoots its tounge at rodents and then pulles them back addition it tounge it bioluminescent and it can make it glow at will-the light on the tounge gives off will atract small-medium sized bug in to th creatures mouth and the creature then swalllows the insects. 

((the first dracon encounter))
Are colony had a pest problem-a dangerous one at that-the resident pest was called a hammerhead worm and some took residents in my basment.As i walked in to the basment with flashlight and a pistol in hand i heard fain screeches at the bottom of the steps.a few second later i triped on the steps and found my self at the bottom- then ta blood freezing screech was heard only a few feet from my face as looked up i saw a hammerhead worm geting ready to shoot it painful acid spit at me-but then there was silence-i looked up to see a  a snake like creature with spike coming out of the head and one spike on the chin and small spikes one the back the creature looked at me and then proceeded to shoot out a spike tounge and impale the hammerhead worm with it and then pull it pulled its tounge back in and ate the the hammerhead worm  and proceeded to sleep in a corner near by.
Hammerhead worm
name:hammerhead worm
native to:Vardorin

Hammerhead worm is acctully one of the many snakes native to vardorin.the worm it's self is a scavenger and won't a attack unless provoked.if provoked the worm will spit a lesser acid that burns and irritates the skin.the worm is at the bottom of the food chain but and is a good source of food to almost all small and medium sized creatures.
Vardorin planet
((NOTE:I do not own this picture above it is just a place holder)) ((i decided to create a planet and then put creatures on it....i have wanted to this before but now i finally have the guts to do it)) ((Now here is a cheesy description of the planet via planet scan ;D))

"Unknown planetoid detected"
"Planet scan engaged" 
"Retriving  data from harddrive"
"Data retreival 25%t"
"Data retrival 75%"
"Date retrival 100%"
"Data received"

Name:Vardorin (Var-Door-in)
Planet class: MS ((has life,oxygen,water,food and 3 different biomes))

terrain: has a vasts jungle  on one side of the planet and desert on the other with mutiple large bodys of water scattering the landscape:

Fauna:the vast jungle has diverse fauna with a stable food chain....the desert has plenty of fauna as well that have evoved to survive the planet

Flora: many diverse flora in both the desert and jungle

"Scans have spoted a large amount of minerial depostit in the desert suggesting there was at one point a ocean"

"Scans report that there is a fairly new colony in the desert near a large body of water"

((hope you guys liked this little intro to the planet :D))
((and if you wish to make fanart or something just be sure to credit me ))
nickname(N): plague,Infection,Raven,Crow
Race: human crow hybrid/Unknown eldritch entity
birthplace:awoke in a abandoned hospital 10 mile from were her sisters awoke....
birthdate: Unknown
Master:works for her sister adoptive sister nightmare.
allies:her family
Pandora((adoptive sister))
nightmare((adoptive sister))

apperance: long Black hair with green highlights,yellow eyes with slit pupils, a few feather grow on her back she also has white her eldritch form she has red-purple skin around her feet,claws,shoulders,tail and her tentacles are black and green...she has small spike on eack shoulder on her shoulders and a few small spikes on her back that allow her to glide short distances.

Attire:wears a M50 gas mask with red lenses,A black crow feather plagu docter garb,and black crow feather jeans with black combat boots,

Abilities: Teloport,tentacles ((can grow 2 tentacles)), Eldritch transformation((she gets claws,a tail,her tentacles,teeth/fangs and some spikes to allow her to glide in this form)).Can make a person go insane((she has excess to eldrtitch and cosmic knowledge))

Special/unique powers: Potentkenisis,nightvision,predator vision ((allows her to see in thermal vision,electomagnetic vision and sense aura's))

Backstory: Plague awoke in a abandon hospital  about 10 miles from were nightmare was born.She wandered the hospital scavenging it and living in one of the rooms for a year learning many things about sickness,plague,and other medical practices
at a fast rate.....not long later she left the hospital((she fond a baby crow abandoned by its mother and kept it as a pet during this time)) and found the location in witch nightmare awoke....there she and nightmare met and nightmare took her in.....((by this time plague basiclly had a PHD in pycholigy,and medicine((and a few other things)) ((by this i meen she nows all the stuff to have a PHD in these thing))

weakness:has slight photophobia,fire

strengths: Smart,clever,agile,stealthy,medical((she knows how to patch wounds and stuff))

weapons:lethal injection syringes,needles filled with diseases((that dont spread)),a bow and arrows((that can be covered with poison)),throwing knives,Poison throwing knives.


United States


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